Dr Pooh's Healthy Tips for The Week 4/18/2020

Posted by Leilani Shivers on

Strengthening your immune system is important because it helps the body ward off invaders that cause dis-ease including Viruses, Bacteria and fungi. It has always been known that people who have compromised immune system are more prone to infections. When it comes to improving your immune system the first step and most important is a healthy balanced diet. Nutrients that improve the immune system include Vitamin C rich foods include Bell peppers, Broccoli and papaya not to mention the citrus fruits including Oranges and grapefruits
Zinc rich foods include Beef lamb spinach, yogurt green peas and sesame seeds Vitamin A rich foods Spinach, Kale, Collard and carrots
Herbs that help support the immune system include Elderberry (sold as sambuca), Echinacea, Astragulus and honeysuckle are some of my favorite herbs. Finally, stress weakens the body and immune system, so I do recommend getting good night sleep and low impact exercise like yoga that also incorporates meditation. Take some time to smell the roses.
Stay Healthy all


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